Manchon Mécanique

TQB aerial closure,equal to 3M Slic Aerial Closure, is also called self supporting aerial cable closure or aerial free breathing mechanical joint closure. It is free breathing and suitable for straight, butt, and branch splices of non-pressurized communication cables.

TQB aerial closure is a single piece aerial closure easily used in installation and maintenance of aerial telecom cables. The one piece construction permits complete splice access, without removal of the closure or bonding of the cables.

The closure consists of closure body, end seals and other essential components. The closure body is a lightweight, double-walled and molded plastic housing. It is weather and ultraviolet ray resistant. The durable housing will not crack or break in even the harshest environment.

The rubber end seals have life span and have enough elastic force. They are used on either side of the closure to accommodate various sizes of cables and prohibit rain/dew/dust from entering chamber. Other components are attached to the closure.

Avantages des Mancons Mécanique

  1. Easy to install, re-use and dismantled by technicians using simple tools.

  2. Free opening/closing with latches, which verily achieve a zero-cost reentry without any special tools.

  3. Ventilation holes at both sides of closure body perform both venting and draining functions.

  4. Up to 3 cable inlets and outlets at each end for easy direct or branch-off connections.

  5. Made from durable, rugged material

Etapes du fonctionnement

  1. Closure Body

  2. End seals(2 pieces)

  3. Ruler (1 piece, to measure the circumferential length of cables)

  4. Nylon cable ties (4 pieces)

  5. Shield continuity wire and connector (1 kit)

  6. Knife

  7. PVC tape (1 roll)

  8. Joint wrap tape (1 roll)